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Paediatric Home Sleep Studies

Home sleep studies are available for children aged 3-17 years – Hobart office only, currently.

Paediatric Sleep Study PDF referral

Referral practice software templates for Sleep Studies:

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Search for the “Paediatric Sleep Study Referral – Health Dynamics” template under the heading “Referral Forms”. Alternatively contact us via email info@healthdynamics.com.au or phone 1300 731 615 to get a template organised.

What is a sleep study?


Sleep studies involve the measurement of numerous body signals while a child is asleep. These typically include brain waves to determine sleep quality, breathing (airflow and chest movements), oxygen levels and body / limb movements (restlessness). It is performed using sticky dots, wires and an oxygen monitor attached to your child’s finger. Nothing hurts and our team will strive to make the application of equipment a non-threatening experience.

Would my child benefit from a sleep study?

Sleep studies are a tool used as part of an evaluation of a child’s sleep and overall wellbeing. It is most helpful in the assessment breathing, especially in a child who snores and could have obstructive sleep apnoea. Up to 10% of children snore and ¼ of these children may have obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). Snoring and repetitive pauses in breathing can affect sleep quality resulting in problems with daytime function, learning and behaviour. Sleep studies may also be helpful in the evaluation of restless sleep and other breathing problems.

What is the process?


You will need a referral or request form from your child’s general practitioner or medical specialist (referrals should be addressed to Dr Scott Burgess).
A telehealth appointment will be arranged with a paediatric sleep specialist. This consultation has several aims. The most important are to gain an understanding of the problem(s) your child is having and whether a sleep study is the right test. Our sleep physician will also help with problems that do not require a sleep study. Our staff will ensure that you and your child have a good understanding of what will be involved.
The sleep equipment will normally be applied by one of our technicians at our Hobart clinic. Your child will return home and sleep in their own bed overnight. The equipment is brought back the following day.
The information is downloaded from the device, analysed by one of our scientists and a follow-up telehealth appointment with our paediatric sleep physician, Dr Scott Burgess, will be arranged to discuss the results and develop a management plan.

What is the cost?

At present there is no Medicare rebate for a child to have a home sleep study.
The total cost for the specialist consultation, sleep study and follow-up appointment is $279.