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Home Sleep Study Procedure

The process for getting a home sleep study:

  1. Referral from GP or specialist to Health Dynamics. This should include some completed questionnaires. If you score 4 or more in the STOP BANG questionnaire AND 8 or more in the ESS questionnaire and have a referral from your GP, you are eligible to have a sleep study without seeing a sleep physician first. A score of up to 10 is regarded as being in the normal range for the ESS.
  2. Once we receive the questionnaires with your referral we will book you in for a study (provided you meet the above criteria), otherwise we will suggest a consultation with one of our sleep physicians.

A copy of the referral form is here. You may wish to download it and complete the parts you can and then take to your GP.

Preparation for your home sleep study

  • Wear or bring in a top to wear to bed for tonight. The device is pinned to the top and some respiratory bands are placed around the chest and stomach, so the top won’t be able to be removed once set-up until the morning.
  • The top will have to be put on and have the recorder pinned to it and some respiratory bands placed around it and therefore unable to be removed until the morning.
  • For ladies: Please have your bra easily removable if an underwire bra during your appointment or else wear a wire free bra.
  • Be prepared to be connected to multiple ECG-style electrodes and some respiratory bands including electrodes on your face and head. Therefore, you should NOT anticipate socialising (restaurant, etc.) or playing sport after you have been set-up. Walking or cycling home after your appointment is also not recommended.
  • We suggest you wear a loose button/zip top or jacket to place over the equipment. People often bring a hooded garments to disguise the wires. See pictures for setup.


  • If you wear nail-polish or gels/acrylics, please have one nail cleaned and free from these so an oximeter can be placed on that finger.
  • Please remove any make-up/moisturiser/face oil serums prior to your appointment.
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly removing all dirt including your fingernails.
  • Bring your Medicare card with you.
  • There is an out-of-pocket cost so please bring your credit/debit card or money with you. Please phone your local office to check as to how much.
  • If coming from a physical/dirty job or the gym you should have a shower just prior to your appointment.
  • The set-up will take 45-60 minutes.

After study set-up

  • Please keep yourself cool as sweat causes bad signals. So, think of cool transport home and cool bedding (contemplate using a fan on a warm night).

After your home sleep study

  • Please remove the clip-on electrodes and dispose of the sticky dot electrodes and ONLY the sticky electrodes.
  • Obviously remove the effort bands, nasal cannula and the oximeter.
  • Keep the respiratory effort bands and the nasal cannula.
  • Fill in the blanks on your tech sheet – time of final wakening, etc.
  • Please return the device with the tape, instructions, notes, cannula, respiratory bands by 10.30am the following business day.


  • The sleep study will be scored and then reported with results available in one to two weeks.
  • The report then gets sent to your referring doctor and you will be contacted by us to notify you of this.