The Activox® 4L features powerful Auto Mode and PULSE-WAVE® technologies which work together to keep you saturated around the clock.

Auto Mode detects changes to your breath rate and automatically adjusts the delivery of oxygen, while PULSE-WAVE® Technology delivers that oxygen to you in a manner that is congruent with your breath rate so that all of the oxygen dose is received. This type of delivery is gentle and helps minimise uncomfortable side effects associated with other forms of oxygen delivery such as dry nose and nose bleeds.

Activox® 4L is FAA-approved for domestic and international airline travel. With unmatched battery life and unique delivery technology to keep you saturated whether your home or away, Activox® 4L is the perfect travel companion for active oxygen users.

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Weight: 2 kg (4.8 lbs.)

Oxygen Purity: 90% ± 3%

Oxygen Delivery: PULSE-WAVE Delivery Settings 1-4

Internal Battery Runtime: 

  • 10.25 Hours @ Setting 1
  • 8.25 Hours @ Setting 2
  • 5 Hours @ Setting 3
  • 4 Hours @ Setting 4

Charge Time: 4 Hours Internal

Average Sound: @ 2 = 44 dB(A)

Size: 230 mm x 200 mm x 112 mm

Display Type: Display Screen

Warranty: 3-Year Limited